Eight Long-term Benefits Of English Tutoring For Your Kids

9 Nov

To understand the advantages of English tutoring better, let us first look at how tutoring can impact a child’s academic progress and lay the foundation for an active and fruitful career in the future years.
As education becomes more and more focused on developing a successful career, parents are also quickly exploring the potential of tutoring and the different methodologies adopted in tutoring. Substantial studies have established through a tutoring means not just improving educational performance and grades, but also insulates the marginal risk of failure in pursuit of education. There are many doing a great job already to accomplish this task. Edu-Kingdom Tuition Centre is one that made its own mark in providing tremendous services and preparing kids for future opportunities.
Edu-Kingdom Tuition Centre
Scores of young individuals have gained from a focused one-on-one tutoring by boosting performance in the school. Tutoring is a method that teaches the youngsters how they can learn best. By engaging and motivating students through education, tutoring acts as the stepping stone for successful students. To appreciate tutoring and the benefits from tutoring, it is important to understand tutoring in two distinct parts.

Impact on long-term knowledge acquisition

Tutoring can significantly affect a child’s education for several years ahead. Struggling students receive the right guidance and help through tutoring. In turn, they become more comfortable with the process of learning itself. Merely memorising a few paragraphs and reproducing them at a test is not the underlying objective of education. Students, across communities, can face several challenges during their early academic days. These can include difficulties in comprehending complex concepts, failing to focus on one or more teachers, technology, environment, distraction caused by friends and more.
study helpTutoring has demonstrated its ability to simplify the process of learning complex concepts through a different approach. Tutoring also helps in reducing the chances of under-education, unemployment and lack of preparation for life events of a future date. Weekly tutoring should, therefore, be seen as a tool to support the process of academic learning in schools. Remember those classroom environments are distinct from a one-on-one tutor environment and every student cannot be expected to be gifted with same learning abilities in a classroom. A tutor, on the other hand, can address the finer difficulties faced by a student more effectively.

Learning strategies and brain development

brain developement of a child
Tutoring is more focused and brings several updated techniques and technologies to help the student absorb the learning. It is distinct from a classroom routine where there can be several distractions in spite of the best teaching and teaching aids. With tutoring the student learns to be more accountable for his/her actions and has the leg room to discuss specific learning issues with the tutor. Today’s parents also want to experiment to find best of learning solution for their children so that learning becomes all about fun.

Guiding slow achievers

There is a global tendency to stamp slow achievers with a mental disability, learning disability, cognitive disability and so forth. This trend is dangerous, and we must take every step possible to arrest the mad rush to medical doctors for a solution. Trained and experienced tutors are the best to guide slow achievers on the right track towards excellent learning performance. Slow learners do not deserve to be treated differently or given medicines like cortisones and steroids that only aggravate the problem and potentially disable the child permanently. Working with different tutors can be the answer in acute instances where a particular is unable to deliver the results.
study help needed
The most significant benefit a child receives from tutoring is the core ability to learn. Grades while still important, are secondary to learning the art of teaching itself. A strong foundation in core learning skills will enable the child to wade through more challenging streams in the later part of his/her life.

Let us now turn to the benefits of English tutoring more specifically

studying english

studying english

For long, English has been recognised as an international language and is essential for pursuing an education in foreign countries. Apart from this, a full range of textbooks on multiple disciplines are in the English language, and that includes business books. If we also consider the digital world, nearly every website with valuable information on any subject is rendered in English. For students aiming for higher levels of learning at home or abroad must be equipped with excellent abilities in both written and spoken languages. Many global seats of higher learning, in fact, insist on specific scores in the English language as a precursor to the admission process. Even if you want to enrol for business management courses in some university they still consider your good scores in English since A good management skill cannot be accomplished without good communication skill.

English education should go beyond the textbooks

English education has different facets. It is expected that children will learn the alphabets, sentence formation and grammar during the initial years in school. It gives them the foundation for further learning. It is important that children get a firm grip on grammar at this stage so that when they progress to the next level of English learning, they can avoid grammatical errors in their spoken as well as written communication. English tutoring can be a huge help in this direction since classroom lessons can potentially fall short of the expected levels.

Vocabulary building

vocabulary is importantWhen the children transition to a secondary degree in school, English vocabulary building gains precedence. There are many methods to build great vocabulary. Focused reading of diverse topics, such as newspapers, magazines and books is one such method. Visual media is another important area, and some children are quick to use this media. An English tutor can quickly identify the medium that is more suited to your child and guide him/her in the right track.

Universal appeal of English language

Excellent knowledge of English language is pivotal nearly every stream of higher learning. In the world of trade, industry and commerce too, English is the link language that helps people communicate with people in different parts of the world. An English tutor can effectively guide children by emphasising this aspect and helping them understand that learning correct and efficient English is not an option, but a necessity to pursue higher learning and reach great heights in their chosen career path.

English and the Digital world

education beyond books
In its early days, English was the primary language used by the digital world. Although many other languages have excellent today traction, English continues to be the dominant language used by millions of users around the world.
The English language is the lifeline of modern day education, and an English tutor is your best choice to ensure that your kids are not left behind in the race for supremacy.

Tips To Help You Be Self-Sufficient With Solar Power

20 Sep

Homeowners nowadays are more aware of the different renewable energy methods that can be used to power up their homes – it can either be solar panels or the use of wind turbines on the roof. The truth is there are many different types of renewable energy sources, and each of them known to have pros and cons.

Choosing Renewable Energy

When asked from homeowners why they chose to use renewable energy in their homes, they will answer one among the three options. To reduce the energy costs they are paying monthly, to contribute less to the carbon footprint, or they want to achieve self-sufficiency which is also known as the state of being off the grid. Many times they decide to use renewable sources not only because of one but three reasons. All three reasons are considered valid, but the first one which is to save energy costs consider as an investment for long term.

Below figure shows even Australias electricity prices are high. Still, Australia is having a reasonable price for the electricity. Personally, I have installed solar panels from Eurosolar to reduce this electricity price further.

Residents of the Australia might complain about their energy bills as their bills are expensive. Transferring to a renewable power source means the system will not pay for itself in an instant, but it will take years before the initial investment is paid off. Let’s say for example that your electric rate now is 12 cents for every kilowatt-hour; this would mean that the solar panel you have will be able to pay for itself in about 15 years. This is if the electric rates remain the same. If it does then the payback period will be shorter, and your investment to the renewable energy source will be of higher value.

The other two reasons, less carbon footprint emitted into the environment and the goal of achieving self-sufficiency, are considered noble causes. Some may realise that shifting to the solar panel is not the best decision financially but you believe in good karma.

Way to self-sufficiency

Having the desire to be self-sufficient may sound like an easy task, but it is not the case especially when concerning about renewable energy source. The day will come that the wind will cease to blow for a while and when it happens there will be no energy to be generated by your wind turbines. Solar panel, on the other hand, won’t be able to produce anything during night time while little power would create during cloudy days. The good news is that you will be able to generate as much as you can when the sun is up and just use batteries as a storage medium. It is possible technically, but the problem is that it could be very expensive in today’s market. The initial investment for the renewable energy system may become double with the use of batteries, and it needs regular maintenance. Another thing to remember is that batteries need to replace once every five or ten years. For those who have access to the grid power, it can be used together with the renewable energy source. With the aid of net metering, the grid may utilise as a virtual storage.

How to save energy

Before investing your money in renewable energy, it is essential to decrease the amount of energy you consume. Being efficient in using energy is way cheaper compared to finding ways to generate it. The payback time is also much faster. Here are some ways you can save energy:

  • All your incandescent lights should replace with CFL lights equipped with LED bulbs.
  • Obsolete appliances should replace with the latest models that are energy efficient.
  • A programmable thermostat is a good investment and makes sure that it controls the heat to the programmed amount.
  • If you still have CRT or plasma televisions in your home, buy newer models equipped with LCD or LED technology. Aside from the fact that they are energy efficient, they are high definition too.
  • Make sure that your home has proper insulation and inspect for any air leaks.
  • Electrical devices and home appliances that not use during day and night should be turned off or unplugged at all times.

It is possible for homeowners to perform analysis of their electric load but if they want to audit the entire energy consumption of their home including examination of insulation, ventilation, cooling and heating systems, professional must be hired to do the job. Auditing will require specialised equipment that can be quite expensive. There is good news for people living in the Australia because you can avail government rebate if you are upgrading to an energy efficient home and you are installing renewable energy system. The credit will cover the money needed to pay for the professional auditor hired.

After you have taken steps to make sure that your home is energy efficient, it is time for you to decide on how you can generate the energy consumed daily. There is no guide as to what technology is best for everyone. Each has to depend on the conditions locally.

Passive solar energy system

Passive solar is the process of capturing the heat of the sun and the sunlight then directs it to a location where you need it to be. Windows that are facing south are best to get the sunlight during the winter while an overhang large enough can cover the sunlight while keeping the room cool. The trees around the house should also place in a strategic location. If you have a wall that faces south but with a tiny window, then it would be best to install a passive solar designated for heating. Passive solar is considered as an ancient method used before the invention of lighting, cooling and heating systems. There are climates in some parts of the world that are ideal for this method which makes it possible to decrease the energy consumption by a considerable amount.